Product Care

To ensure the best from your Adore Designs products and you continue to adore them please refer to our care instructions below. This includes:

  • Candle Care & Safety Instructions
  • Candle Refill Instructions
  • Reed Diffuser Care (Coming Soon)
  • Earring Care

Candle Care

Our candles are made will 100% Australian sourced natural wax to care for both you and the environment. However natural wax is also more susceptible to sunlight and heat as it has a low melting temperature.

Keep candles away from sunlight and direct heat. Soy wax will discolour (yellowish), melt and may lose fragrance when placed in direct sunlight.

Keep the lid on your candle when not in use. This will both protect your candle from dust and will also keep the fragrance of your candle locked in making the aroma last longer.

Trim wick to approximately 6mm for each burn. If the wick is too long it may burn unevenly or drop debris. Trimming will also reduce the wick from 'mushrooming' and emitting unnecessary carbon and smoke.

Our candles have been designed for a 3-4 hour average burn time. Allow the entire candle surface to melt on each burn to avoid the wax tunnelling and a build up of excess wax around the edges. 

If you notice that your wick has moved or your candle is burning unevenly, gently reposition the wick back to the centre whilst the wax is still molten.

Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours each time. Burning over 4 hours considerably heats the wax and vessel. It can start to burn off the fragrance and dilute the aroma of your candle. 


Safety Warning

Do not burn your candle dry.  Always leave at least 10mm of wax at the bottom to stop the vessel overheating or cracking.

Allow the candle vessel to cool before handling. Vessels can become quite warm especially as the amount of wax reduces.

Never burn your candle near anything flammable. Always burns them on a stable, heat resistant surface.

Do not leave your candle unattended & ensure it is positioned away from draughts, pets & children.


Re-use & Refills

1. Clean your empty candle vessel of existing wax residue.

This can be done by sitting the vessel in warm water until wax melts and wiping out the wax with paper towel or a scraper. Do not pour soy wax down the sink as it may cause blockages.

Using a small spatula remove the remaining wick tab, taking care as the metal end may be sharp.

2. Insert the wax refill into the clear vessel. 

- Unwrap the wax refill 
- Remove the paper from the adhesive tab on the bottom of the refill
- Gently place the wax refill into the vessel and push down so tab sticks

- Trim the wick to 6mm in length
-Light candle and burn for a minimum or 2-3 hours or until wax has melted across the entire surface. This will ensure an even burn and avoid the wax tunnelling.


If you are not using your refill immediately store in cool dry place as heat will melt and disfigure the wax.

Wax refills are designed and tested to be used in an Adore Designs candle vessel and must not be used as a stand alone pillar candle.


Reed Diffuser Care (Coming Soon)

Our new Reed Diffusers are currently in the testing phase and will be available very soon.


Earring Care

We want to ensure your chosen piece of jewellery lasts. Some of our pieces are delicate and are made from raw or coated brass and requires care.  

Brass is used in many of my pieces as it is light, versatile, affordable and looks fabulous. Below are some key care instructions to assist you to look after your earrings.

  • Keep your earrings away from excess water.  Water and chemicals in the water can damage or tarnish some metals. This includes showering or swimming in your earrings. 
  • Avoid keeping your earrings the bathroom or humid environments. Humidity can also cause some metals to tarnish.
  • To clean them, use either a non-abrasive jewellery cleaner, jewellery cloth or mild soap and water on your metal jewelry. Always make sure to wipe off with water and dry your jewelry completely after cleaning.
  • Do not use any products that contain alcohol, this can ruin the finish.
  • If your jewellery comes in contact with moisture and begins to tarnish you can use a mix of baking soda, lemon juice and water. Scrub it on with a soft cloth or toothbrush, wipe off, and dry.
  • After cleaning, you can shine your jewelry with a soft cloth
  • When not being worn,  keep your earrings in their soft velvet style pouch.  This will reduce scratches and keep them safe.