Gift Box - Matte Black Candle Trio
Gift Box - Matte Black Candle Trio
Adore Designs

Gift Box - Matte Black Candle Trio

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Adore Designs trio of candles gift box makes a fabulous present or a great option when you just can’t decide on which fragrance to choose. 

Neatly boxed together you can choose one of five popular fragrance collections containing three 95g deluxe coconut soy wax candles. 

Treat yourself or gift them as individual candles.  Ideal for a thank you, to add to a pamper pack or a gift when you ‘don’t really give gifts’.

Individual candle size: 65mm (D) x 48mm (H)

Christmas Collection - Trio of festive fragrances

Christmas Gingerbread + Mulled Wine + Fresh Pine Needles


Gift Box 1 - Combo of classics

Lemongrass + Black Raspberry + Coconut Lime

Gift Box 2  - A Floral burst

Peony & Blush Suede + Black Amber & Lavender + Bergamot & Patchouli


Gift Box 3 - Cosy comfort

Fresh Coffee + Oaked Whisky + Vanilla Bourbon


Gift Set 4 - Australian collection

Bushwalk + Wild Rosella + Lemon Myrtle


Gift Box 5 - The Sweetest Thing

Vanilla Caramel + French Pear + Cinnamon Vanilla 

Gift Box 6- Surprise Me

You've had enough of making decisions today - let us choose a selection of popular fragrances for you.



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