No need to send your candle vessel back to us.  We will send the refill to you.

Candle refills provide an opportunity for you to enjoy new or your favourite Adore Designs fragrances over again, while using your original vessel.  

In making the choice to buy a refill,  not only are you doing your bit for the environment but you are rewarded by saving the costs of a new candle.

You don't need to send your candle vessel back to us. We will conveniently make your soy wax candle refill based on the vessel size and fragrance you select and deliver it to you.

To ensure a high-quality product for you and the environment Adore Designs candles are made using:

  • 100% natural coconut and soy blended wax (vegan friendly)
  • finest Australian made fragrance oils (cosmetic grade & phthalate free)
  • natural fibre wicks (lead free, 100% cotton or paper core)

This promotes a slow, clean burn releasing a long-lasting divine fragrance throughout your home.

Our candles are rigorously tested to ensure optimal ratios of wax, oil and wick type to achieve a long lasting, even burn, divine scent throw and minimum carbon output.