Refill - 320g Medium Luxury Candle
Refill - 320g Medium Luxury Candle
Refill - 320g Medium Luxury Candle
Adore Designs

Refill - 320g Medium Luxury Candle

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This is a candle refill only. The vessel is not included.


You have selected a refill to fit our Medium Candle Vessel 

Height 100mm

Diameter 88mm

Volume 400ml | 320g

You don't need to send your candle vessel back to us. We will conveniently make your candle refill using our luxury coconut soy blend wax, based on the vessel size and fragrance you select and post it to you.

As our refills are made to order, please allow 5 working days for your candle refills to be poured and dispatched.


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How to order your refill

1. Ensure the refill size you have selected matches your candle vessel.

Note: While your original vessel does not need to be an Adore Designs Candle, each refill is made and tested specifically for our candle vessels for optimum performance. 

2. Select a fragrance. You may wish to try something new or stay with your favourite scent.

3. Complete your purchase and we will post you your refill

As each refill is custom made and hand-poured please allow 5 working days for your refill to be made.


How to prepare your candle vessel

1. Clean your empty candle vessel of existing wax residue and fragrance by either:
  • For small amounts - melt the wax either with a hair drying or sitting the vessel in some warm water. When the the wax melts wipe vessel clean with paper towel or cloth.
  • For larger amounts - sit the vessel in warm water until the wax is soft and scrape the remaining wax out putting it in the bin (or you may like to try and use any left over wax as wax melts).
2. Remove the remaining wick and tab, taking care as the metal end may be sharp.

Do not pour soy wax down the sink as it may cause blockages.

4. For a complete clean you may wish to wash the vessel in warm soapy water and dry.




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